I have so many things I want to get done this weekend.

*clean house*start reading new book*write book review for Blindness*draw*make some new mini terrariums*buy Grants bday present by winning stuff on ebay*put away laundry*make cupcakes for Jonno’s bday*road trip to Wattamolla beach*load up the camera*write my cosy piece for words and pictures*fly the kite*come on get happy*

Chances of getting anything done? Slim….Last nights attempts at action involved watching The Lost Boys on cable and eating lots of Mum’s nutella cake whilst Tom did the laundry. I have a bad track record at productivity, meeting deadlines, indulging procrastination, and saying no when it comes to nutella.

LUCKILY there are other Sara’s getting stuff done this weekend. On Google. See, just type in luckily + your name for some positive reinforcement. Thanks for the tip Pip!

Luckily, Sara had her night vision goggles on and was able to lower me a ladder”
Luckily Sara spent the entire time practicing her spanish with Alan”
Luckily, SARA provides Windows XP .exe files for the main application components”
“Luckily Sara was on hand to open the wrapper without any unfortunate burning incidents”
Luckily Sara did not have to work”
Luckily, Sara and her brother worked well together”
Luckily Sara and her Dad Aage came to our rescue and took us to their lovely home”
Luckily, Sara’s character gets to stick around for at least the rest of the season”

and last, but not least,
Luckily, Sara discovered the answer today”

See? How good’s that! I discover the answer! That counts for something, right?