Do you ever feel like the only mail you get is bills?

I do. Aside from the odd postcard here and there and a yearly birthday card from my nana, bills and junkmail seem to be the only things filling up my letterbox.

So I’m determined to start sending cards and letters and lil love notes to my nearest and dearest. Like what we used to do before Facebook was invented. If you’d like a happy hello to smile at you amongst your local thai restaurant menus, carpet cleaning adverts, bills, bills, bills and pest removal flyers, tell me your address and I’ll reciprocate, snail mail style.

In the mean while, here’s how I turn my stressful, depressing bills into happy, peaceful moments. I cut open the envelopes and turn the pretty blue security patterns into paper cranes.

Now I’ve just got to think of a way to put these paper cranes to work and then all my money troubles are solved…