I love tea. Tea is my preferred tipple. This has been well established.
I believe you’ve already met my favourite tea cup.

If you can find a better song to drink tea to I will…. I will switch to coffee. Permanently.

“Now when I say OOOH you say LONG – OOH, LONG, OOH, LONG!”

I don’t know who this Elemental fellow is but I like him.
Some say he’s a quintessential English fellow, explorer, scientist, exotic dancer and some might say raving lunatic. Banned from 13 of the colonies for ‘unspeakable scientific experiments’, yet heralded as something of a deity in a great many more.
Is that so? 

I fancy a cup of tea right now. Do you? How do you take your tea?
Elemental – “I want milk in it. Strong though. I want to see that teaspoon stand up!”

Here’s what I see when I finish my cup –

True that.