I am not a morning person. Hence, I am late to work most days.

Today, as I raced out the door and up the road, already starting to fret about work (and also, whether to get fruit salad or turkish raisin toast for breakfast. Food is a very serious matter to me.) I was distracted by this rose bush out the front of someone’s house.

Well…to be honest the roses are about 2 metres in the air, drooping downwards from a fence/garage, so you’d be correct in thinking that it’s hard to get distracted by something above your line of sight. You could say, I deliberately stopped to look at them. You could even say I was dawdling when already late for work.

One might even say that I was stopping to smell the roses, if you’re that way inclined.

I am that way inclined. It’s a nice inclination. They smelt damn sweet too.

These two fuzzy close ups remind me of a Cath Kidston print, don’t you think?

Incidentally, her Rose & Carnation hand cream is one of my favs. It smells lovely and has sweet little silver gold stars on the tin.

I suggest you buy yourself some then if you don’t have a rose bush to stop and admire, you can stop and admire your lovely smelling hands. (I found it stocked in Target for all you Australian readers!)