Seriously, these decorations are prohibitively expensive. These cost thousands of dollars to make. I’d write the amount on a piece of paper and slide it over to you to discreetly look at but then you’d be rendered speechless forever.
Why did they cost so much? Well for one, they’re handmade, and quality craftmanship is not to be sneezed at, right?! But the real reason is because I made them from the envelopes my bills came in. That, and some scrapbooking cardboard from Eckersleys and pricey japanese paper from Kinokuniya.
Merry Christmas World!
If you’d like to make your own paper ornaments like these for Christmas (or any occasion, I made some for my mums 50th birthday party too!) then head to Design*Sponge and take a look at the tutorial posted there.  They’re super quick and easy to make. And of course, the paper cranes are folded from security paper, found in the inside of the envelopes your bills come in!
Sadly, the cost of these decorations was increased by a unfortunate incident, involving my favourite glass bowl (finnish crystal! a gift from my mother-in-law! still in the orginal box from the 70s!) and 30 cms of height between a coffee table and the carpet. I think I got all the bits of glass out of the carpet but it will be forever tear stained….
But 30 Rock, beer and a lazy evening on the couch is making everything feel better…