Hello there!

Today is a special day for me as it is our (Tomas and I, that is) 7 year anniversary. Seven years sure has flown by pretty quickly, but we’ve crammed a good deal of living and adventuring in between those quiet moments shared together on the couch channel surfing or absorbed in the screens on our respective laps.

The very first time I laid my eyes on him I was intrigued. I was 10 years old and he was the new boy in class. He had super thick, straight, long, straw coloured blonde hair. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. To this day I cry EVERY time he shaves his head, which is pretty much his standard haircut these days, so there are a lot of tears in our house…

…but he is used to my tears. Used to my tears, my rants, my undies left on the bathroom floor, my constant need for a lift somewhere, my anal placement of tins in the cupboard, teabags in the caddy, my clothes on the bedroom floor, my wool everywhere, my voracious appetite for food and the tears and grumpiness that accompany my lack of it, my hypocrisy, my reluctance to brush my teeth each night before bed, my inability to end an argument in anything other than tears, my penchant for British television, my stinky armpits, my hairy eyebrows, my insensitive bashing of his Catholic upbringing, my daily chocolate desires, my late nights and long sleep ins and my grey hairs and he suffers it all with never a harsh word but always an open and forgiving heart.

So, I’m a pretty spoilt and lucky lady really, wouldn’t you say?!

Here’s what my Swedish darling left on the kitchen bench for me to discover this morning when I got up –

It’s nice to say it with flowers! Even if your Swedish isn’t very good, you still get the message!

Allow me to indulge myself further here, with a little film Tom made for me…
It’s my ‘world’ apparently, according to him. My world involves living in a terrarium that kind of looks like the surface of the moon. It also involves no makeup and messy hair, so, be prepared…as I certainly wasn’t when I was unwittingly being filmed!

I hope that wherever you are today someone gives you a hug and tells you that they love you. Because they do! If that hasn’t happened though, don’t fret – I guarrantee someone is thinking about doing it! And if you don’t believe me then feel free to give me a call, I’m awfully good at hugs and declarations of love. Maybe it’s my welcoming bosom (everybody needs a bosom for a pillow), long arms or powerful grip, I don’t know, but trust me, I rock at hugs.

Happy weekend, remember to breathe deeply and inhale the love in the air! xx