I have a lot to do on my To Do list today. Mainly because I am made of equal parts procrastination, lazy and sloth. It’s hard to be me I tell you. Basically, I haven’t made my bed and now I have to lie in it…actually that sounds rather managable. It’s waaaay worse than snoozing in an unmade bed.

But while I go do all that needs to be done I’ll be listening to Go, the debut solo album from jónsi of sigur rós.
Tom and I want to marry jónsi and have millions of his musically talented babies. No, make that squillions.

They’ll be cute and blonde like this lil Icelandic princess and have extraordinarily long fingers for playing the guitar like a violin and sing like Scandinavian elves, fairies and sprites.

I always get a little emotional at sigur rós concerts and hot happy tears stream down my cheeks and my heart feels like it’s going to burst right out of my chest. We like to play their albums in the car, really freakin loud, and sing along loudly, even though we don’t understand the words. (They’re mostly in icelandic, or some language Jonsi made up.) We’d get married if they’d accompany us musically as we walked down the aisle, but unfortunately we can’t afford to hire them, so we’ve called the whole wedding off. I’d also like them to accompany me musically to the otherside, but I don’t think having sigur ros play at your funeral is covered in any of those funeral insurance plans advertised on daytime tv….

You can listen to the new album Go before it hits the stores in a few days time over at NPR.

Here are a few of my favourite tracks from the new album too…

UPDATE! I have made the bed. It’s a start, right?!