I don’t know what you’d call them really but I used to LOVE these when I was a girl of 10 summers. Fresh, sunny and sweet (me or my reading material?!). Girls magazines? Cartoons, comics, pulp fiction for kids? Did you ever read them?

I used to have a hard cover annual that I absolutely treasured, I can’t remember what it was called (maybe mum knows? I think it was a June Girls Annual circa 1975?) but it had stories about exotic adventures, boarding schools, tennis, horse riding, sewing tips and beauty info. I was smitten. I read it over and over and over and wished they still made them, and that was back in ’92. Those were the days before Dolly and Girlfriend magazine took over my must have reading list…

I stumbled across a bunch of old school girls paper zines in a little antique junk shop on the way to Healesville on our last trip to Melbourne. If we hadn’t taken carry on luggage only with a weight limit of 15 kilos I would have bought them all…alas, all I could squeeze in my bag was 2. One ‘June and School Friend’ circa July 1969 and one ‘You’re never alone with Tammy’ circa July 1978. A decade apart but the content is still the same – exotic adventures, school girl antics, tennis stories, making fun of that fatty Bessie Bunting, handsome and dangerous men.

I didn’t go on holiday this Easter long weekend, but discovering these forgotten zine purchases whilst cleaning up our house makes me feel like I’ve traveled back in time to my childhood, and the childhood of the original girls who saved their pennies (all 7 or 8 of them) to purchase these papers and be transported to a world of adventure.

I might chop these up when I’m done reading them. I think they’d make fun envelopes, paper cranes, wrapping paper and cards. If anyone wants to know what happens in any of the above stories, let me know and I’ll scan the next page for you!

P.S I hope you’ve enjoyed this zine trip down memory lane more than poor Ann (who speaks her mind) did…