Everyone loves flowers, right? I just get so sad when they die. And in this heat (yes, it’s a sunny 28 degrees in Sydney today – where did that nice cool Autumn breeze go?!) cut flowers don’t last as long as I’d like them to. But it’s someone special’s birthday party today and I knew they’d appreciate some floral cheer so I popped into the florist to see what was on offer.

I was excited to see little pots of colour on sale for $2 each. I’m thinking that this floral cheer might last a little longer if it’s still attached to it’s plantly home and nestled safely in soil. But the plastic pot? I think we can do better than that…

It’s a little shabby chic in this colour scheme, what with the antique lace, twine and floral paper but if we can’t indulge in a little girliness once in a while then what’s the world coming to?!

So if you, or someone you know, is in need of a little floral cheer and you’re strapped for cash then I would definitely recommend doing the following:

* Head to your local florist or gardening centre and pick up a pot or two of cheerful blooms. If your friend is more of a foodie – pick up some herbs instead
* Rummage through the recycling for some tins – soak them in hot water to remove the label and give them a good clean
* Squeeze your plants into the tins – you’ll need to loosen the roots a little, pat them down and then give them a little water
* Wipe the tin clean so no soil is, errr, soiling the outside of your vase
* Decorate your vase with scraps of wrapping paper, fabric, ribbons, lace, wool or whatever takes your fancy and secure it with double sided tape for extra ease and speediness!

Too easy! Cheap and cheery! Win, win, wouldn’t you say?

I’m thinking these sweet little tins would look lovely as table centrepieces on special occasions like Christmas or at a wedding. Or you know, for those occasions like every other day. Life is too short to wait for special things to happen – sometimes you’ve got to initiate the special yourself. Be ‘specially proactive!