I’ve joined in on the Pin Cushion Swap organised by sweet Kate of Foxs Lane.

My ummming and ahhhing, dilly dallying, tooing and froing time is now up. I’ve got to pop my pin cushions in the mail! Whether I like them or not.

Here they are:

pin cushion swap

pincushions 2

Now, I only learnt to crochet just last November so I am rather proud of myself for figuring these out all by myself and without a pattern. Having said that, had I consulted a pattern I may not have needed to pull them apart quite so many times…but where is the ‘learning’ in that eh?

I hope these cheery pin cushions leave a little ray of sunshine on my swap partner’s sewing table! I’m just putting the finishing touches on my ‘Sunny Songs to Sew By’ mixtape and then I’m off to the post office…