Episode 2 of my harvest shots.

We had some glorious weather over the week – but also some serious rain. 30 mms over night on the Saturday evening. But you can never complain about rain in the country, even if it’s spoiling your productivity plans. Olives have to be pressed within 2/3 days after picking otherwise they start to ferment which wouldn’t make tasty olive oil. Thankfully we weren’t washed out of the grove for too long and after a leisurely breakfast we were back picking olives by 10am. Just in time for morning tea break!

I just get blown away by all the different colours in the sky sometimes. I’d love to know what all the clouds are called too. I’ll put learn cloud names on my To Do list, next to learn all the capital cities of Africa. (I can do Europe already, smart huh!)

And for those who are wondering what happens next, after the olives are all picked – I am working on my ‘school project – How Olive Oil is made’ blog post! Just need to check up on some technical details…wish I’d paid more attention now, don’t I?