I am little bit lost. That’s why it’s been so hard for me to find my way back here, to blog, to write again. To write about me.

I lost the path I was following somewhere between here….

pregnant me
pregnant me

and here….

wee lil wolfie

And now it would seem I am on an entirely new path, in a new planet. I am not sure how to describe it, as my voice sounds different in this strange new environment. My feet feel unsteady. My hands tremble. But I am smiling.

Wolf and I

I can see the old me, evidenced by an abandoned blog. I feel embarrassed by this old me, so carefree, so much free time, so unaware. And then I just disappeared, without even saying goodbye to all the amazing people I had met through writing there. Generous people who encouraged me to be who I am, look for the positives in life, helped me up when I fell down, nodded their heads with laughter and smiles as they watched me stumble down my path.

Urgh, the guilt I tell you. How could I have let all those friendships fade? I am so sorry. I sincerely apologise to you.

All I can say is this. My son Wolf is one year and 8 days old. I may no longer have a new born baby but I am definitely still learning the ropes. I am trying, real hard, to emerge from the sleep deprived chaos that has been my life for the past year and like a very tiny and very hungry caterpillar, transform into a beautiful butterfly.

So I decided to make the switch from blogger to wordpress. New start, new format. I am still tweaking things here, like in real life. I brought my old content along because we all come with baggage, right?

I hope we can be friends again.