Last night, after a particularly loooooong day of dealing with a sick bubba who is recovering from an entire week of vomiting and is starving for food and constant attention and breast milk even though he never usually cares about any of these things at all, deep breath, I was informed by my darling partner that it was our 9 year anniversary.

I immediately crumpled into tears. For the 86th time that day. I had completely forgotten. I was that person who had forgotten to shower their beloved with love and appreciation on the anniversary of their blossoming life together. I had not bought flowers, made a nice, thoughtful meal or even penned a simple love note. All I had done was send him frustrated text messages all day long documenting how little sanity I had left and begging him to come home from work.

Well at least he knows he’s needed. I also needed him to make dinner as I simply could not summon the energy for it.

True Grit

We settled down on the couch with our dinner and a wine to watch True Grit. The Coen Brothers version, which is truly a masterpiece and I hold a special place for it in my heart. I will never forget the first time we saw this film. The eve of our very last dinner and date night as a duo. Early labour pains kicked in at 2am that night. I sure needed true grit to get through that experience.

Even though I forgot our anniversary this year, I like to think that our partnership has true grit. You know, a firmness of mind or spirit; unyielding courage in the face of hardship or danger.

And that even though I have been so overwhelmed by being a mother, I think I can be a mother with true grit as well.

And the flatbread you ask? Well I was reading about “the flat bread theory” over on Quiet Paws and it was like Tracey knew exactly what I needed to read, make and eat to nourish my soul. In her words –

“a truly great recipe is one which works with you time and time again, until one day the end result goes from being something great to something amazing. Cooking therefore becomes a form of creative collaboration between maker and recipe, with the partnership only revealing its full potential after a certain passage of time.”

Read the rest of her post here and get the recipe while you are at it.
I’m gonna summon some energy and make that flatbread and it’s going to taste like delicious true grit. I just know it!