Our invites gathering on our fridge. Yes, that is our own wedding invitation sitting next to Wolfie's birthday party invite!

Wolf never got to have his first birthday party. It was all planned of course but then he got a nasty vommity stomach bug in the week leading up to it and we thought it best to not spread horrid gastro germs to all his friends and family. I live in hope that we will find another sunny weekend when his Dad is not working and his family and friends are free…sometime before his second birthday rolls around!

Meanwhile I thought I would share with you the invitations that I made for his party because I am rather proud of them if I do say so myself. Whilst not entirely original (is anything these days?) they did take a lot of effort – first paint Wolf’s hands and feet for prints. Try to limit the amount of paint that gets everywhere with a squirmy painted toddler. Scan prints. Photoshop prints into the invite. Print out invites on wonky old printer. Curse. Reprint because they have all come out upside down or lopsided…

A Very Hungry Caterpillar themed birthday invitation

Inside the invite

He does look a bit like an oompa loompa with that big red caterpillar head, doesn’t he? It’s a bit creepy really. But I kinda like creepy sometimes.

I think his feet make beautiful butterflies. They are enormous feet that I actually had to scale down to fit onto an A5 sized sheet of paper…

I also made some mixed tape CDs to give out as party favours to all his guests as I don’t think babies need to eat lollies really and I don’t like all that throw away plastic crap that gets handed out at parties then promptly forgotten and discarded. And everyone loves music right?! Especially this party animal. If there is no music on in our house Wolf demands it be turned on right away with an indignant point at the ipod dock. Then bounces along happily to whatever tunes come out with a smile on his face. Bless him.

You Make Me Happy CD
You Make Me Happy, Wolfie's Favourite Songs for You, On His First Birthday
The Playlist

I used a cd cover template from this website. The title was inspired by this AshleyG artwork. The background to the playlist was ‘borrowed’ (stolen!) from this amazing artist. I figure since it’s not for profit, just for smiles and love, that those artists won’t mind me using them as inspiration. It’s probably illegal to even make a mixtape these days anyway right?! Why stop there?!!

There is actually only 3 childrens songs on this mixtape, the rest are just songs that Wolf enjoys bopping along to, or having some quiet calm down time with. I believe there has to be some kind of compromise when it comes to music and kids – everyone has to enjoy listening to it! Needless to say this is on high rotation in our house and it never fails to lift the mood on a weary or dreary day.

If you’d like a copy of Wolfie’s mixtape birthday songs, you’re more than welcome to one, whether you are an adult or parent! I have a whole pile of them forlornly wishing to be played and enjoyed… Let me know and we’ll post one out to you!


(Also, tom just pointed out to me that we have 3 images of people smoking on our fridge! that’s so uncool! Better sort that out pronto…)