I don’t know why but I resisted the instagram trend for quite some time.

What I thought I was resisting was iphone users taking pics and making them look old skool lomo style without actually having a holga or a diana or film of any description. Well that may still hold true but what I was missing out on whilst trotting away on my moral high horse was the awesome loveliness of endless streams of pretty pictures! Like twitter but prettier!

Admittedly, most of the pictures are of people’s pets, food or babies. But hey, I like pets, food and babies so I am okay with that.

A facebook friend and old uni acquaintance posted this on facebook. I am guilty of the above. I think the message applies for instagram too. But hey, look at my baby!


The part I like most about using instagram is that it helps me stay positive when I am tired and frustrated and keeps me looking for the silver lining each day. Reminds me to stop and smell the roses. To look up again. To breath it all in and love it out. And I don’t have to pay to get my film developed. Which is handy when you are a budgeting stay at home mum in a single income household.

But I’ve got to think of photos to take that don’t involve my baby.
That can be my new challenge. The ratio of Wolf shots is very high. But…look at my baby!!



So if you are on instagram I would love to see your pets, food and babies, or whatever else is happening in your world. I think my username is inthelightofthesun. Let’s hang out instagram style!