sunset at the farm

We skipped town for a week of peace and quiet. No washing machines whirring, no dishwashers draining, no tv blaring, no neighbours banging on the ceiling, no cars beeping, no mobiles ringing, no bright lights, no laptop, no facebook, no distractions.

our olive grove, growing olives for harvest real soon!

Just us three, the birds, the fresh air and billions of stars. I had forgotten about stars. Would you believe it?! I had forgotten how many stars there are to be seen in a rural night sky. Breathtaking stuff. Puts things in perspective again. I’m just a tiny little dot in an enormous universe, that has been in existence for billions of years before me and will continue to exist perhaps billions of years after I am gone.

There was quite a bit to put into perspective. We really needed to sit still for a moment and take a deep slow breath, in and out. Catch our breath, process our thoughts. Consume less, live mindfully, and think about how we can continue to be like this back home. We live in an incredibly expensive pocket of a beautiful city and sometimes it feels like it keeps me alive, sustains my senses, but is strangling me at the same time.

early morning misty mountain view from the verandah

We thought about how to live simpler, how to spend less money in a city that thrives on consumerism. We thought about how to wean our sleepless son from breastfeeding all night long. We thought about how to make our travel dreams come true. We thought about how we would cope living overseas without our support network of family and friends. We thought about how to get jobs in a country where we don’t speak the language. We thought about how I could get a job in a country where I do speak the language. We thought about what it might be like to get a good nights sleep, several nights in a row rather than once in a blue moon.

Now we’ve just got to put those thoughts into action. Bags not starting with the weaning though. I know how to save money, I’ve done that before. But weaning a clingy, incredibly loud, overtired baby in our one bedroom apartment seems like a task too huge for me to tackle right now…

early morning (or late night?!) art activities...

(Ironically, as I type up this post, there has been a power blackout and I have no electricity or internet or tv. The universe is mocking me, right?!)