1. how to fold origami paper boats

because it’s been on my to fold list for too long now. they’re so easy! see! i added sails and coloured them in with some derwent watercolour pencils because I am totes still in primary school

2. when did the rum diaries start showing in cinemas?

because the other half is a diehard hunter s thompson fan and a dinner/movie date would be nice at least once this year. did you see it?

3. downton abby christmas special

because I just watched season 1 and 2 and whilst I don’t think it’s the most amazing television I have ever watched it is a *bit* addictive. have you seen it? johnny depp?!!

4. how to make your own leggings

because I am sick of all the boring ones I see in shops and the two grey pairs I purchased from kmart for $10 a year or so ago have been worn so frequently they are threadbare and holey. have you ever made leggings?

5. holdsworth centre playgroup hours

because I was crazy enough to take my son to a playgroup in Woollahra with spoilt eastern suburbs kids and their snooty mums and their designer prams and their designer gear and their obnoxious behaviour…at least we got out of the house.

little bit shy and overwhelmed by the prospect of playgroup with the bigger kids running around but liking this big red car a lot!

6. how to make wooden drawers glide easier

because opening and closing the chest of drawers in our bedroom requires herculian effort and i for one am sick of it

7. yann tiersen new album

because we are going to see him at the metro on thursday! and here is some of his amazing new stuff  – 

8. when is mothers day?

because I need to start dropping hints. serious hints. about how awesome I am. just in case my boys forget it.and make sure i organise something for my own awesome mother of course.

What burning questions did you ask google this week? Care to share?!