Today I feel like a Yoshimoto Nara character. My eyes are saying Screw You I’m Going To Do What I Like And I Don’t Care What You Think Anyway (but of course behind my rebellion I desperately seek your attention and approval). 

In fact, I think Wolfie and I are in cahoots in this respect, because he has been a rebellious little monster all day too. 

We must have forcibly removed him from the recycling bin in the kitchen over a dozen times today but he keeps toddling back for more swigs on empty wine bottles (it’s a good look) and for the wonderful sounds of smashing glass against tiles.

And if you don’t lift him up so he can switch on and off every light in all the rooms of the house over and over and over then he squeals like a pig. A loud, insistant, irritated pig hell bent on illumination. He screams through nappy changes, writhing, twisting and thumping on the mat spreading poo all over the place. Are you aware that the act of changing nappies is some sort of torturous punishment that parents inflict upon their innocent offspring just for shits and giggles?! (I always wondered what that saying was referring to, now I understand.)

So eventually I turned to the television and put on a Justine Clarke DVD. Because I Like to Sing. Wolf wasn’t terribly captivated (he can’t seem to pay attention to the tv for very long. I worry it’s because it’s on too often?) but gosh darn it I do love the lady and it cheered me up no end. I bopped, hopped and boogied around all the abandoned toys on the floor, the coloured pencils, all the money and cards from my wallet and the contents of a tissue box that has been emptied and re-stuffed several times over while Wolf amused himself with the recycling until it was time for dinner/bath/bed and here we are.

I guess I too should be in bed preparing for another day of adventuring or at the very least taking out the recycling or something useful but my Nara eyes are creeping back on and…. I don’t want to go to bed! I’m not tired! That didn’t hurt!!