10 days old they were. Now they’re almost 100 years old. Well, 91, if my maths is correct, but truth be told I rarely know what day it is, let alone what year. So for 91 years these two polar bear cubs (pups?) have sat together in a glass case, next to a spectacularly large, glittering magical amethyst slab, in a dark corner of a museum.

For some reason the fact there was two of them seemed to tug at my heart strings all the harder. Crowds surged around me as thousands of Sydney siders took advantage of the museums free admission this weekend. A clingy two year old weighed heavily in my arms and a four year old pulled on my arm. But I couldn’t tear my gaze away.

But why did they die? It was at the London Zoo apparently. Oh. Is their mummy sad? Yes I imagine so. Now they’re behind the glass and their mummy is gone? Yes. *swallows back lump in throat and shifts heavy child to other hip* And are the dinosaurs going to come to life like in that movie we saw?

Um, no sweet boy that was just a movie.

But if those polar bears do come to life at night id rather like to snuggle with them. I’m looking for paid work. I should see if the Australian Museum needs a night security guard. First I have to night wean my co-sleeping breast feeding two year old, but that should be easy enough…..