My lovely mum has had a serious amount of skin cancers removed this year. We’re talking about 100?!! The latest round had her feeling really down so we thought we’d get her some flowers to cheer her up. 

Never one to miss an opportunity to make art, we decided to make the flowers ourselves! We used a permanent marker to draw flowers on an old painting and cut them out. Then we used a permanent marker to draw butterflies and painted them with water colours. 

We used a glustick to attach them to a gorgeous bunch of Blue gum leaves and an extra special butterfly painting decorated the vase. 

And paper cranes of course because I just can’t not fold them!! 

The joy on the boys faces, knowing they were making something to make their nana happy, was so beautiful. 

They’ll last a little longer than a regular bunch of blooms and are a practically free gift really for the budget conscious.

We might need to make some for our house too!