It’s been very, very rainy lately so outdoor activities have been limited or brief.  We’ve also got too many germs to share with our regular playgroup friends so we thought we’d go to the art gallery instead and ‘draw what we saw’. 

It was a huge hit with my big guy! He’s almost five and his preschool teacher suggested working on his drawing skills 

and pencil grip for school readiness. 

We talked about colours we saw, shapes we saw, feelings we had when we looked at certain paintings. We saw art that made them excited, curious, scared and sad. 



We brought our own art supplies – just a few coloured pencils and two books of blank paper, and sat down wherever we saw something we wanted to draw. We couldn’t linger tooooo long at each painting as my two year old had ants in his pants but he did pretty well all things considered.   

My art theory degree was never put to professional use but not do I get a lot of enjoyment out of exploring, talking about and making art with my children. Art lovers for life!!