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judging books by their covers

The other day in St Vinnies I picked up a delightfully illustrated paperback. I must admit, I was judging the book by its cover, and the score was high.

It was this book here:

It was only $7 and I was about to purchase it when my brother informed me that he’d actually bought that book for Dad, for Christmas, with a similar cover, although not as nice, but I could just save my money and read that copy instead. And that the book wasn’t that amazing after all. So I placed it back on the shelf.

But now that I’ve seen this delicious image on Design is Mine

and followed the link to the artist’s website – Chris Silas Neal – and found out that he is the artist behind the illustrations I held in my hand, plus many, many more lovely others such as these….

…I wish I hadn’t listened to my brother after all. What do you think? Should I have purchased the book?!

Do you like to judge a book by its cover too? What are you reading right now?

P.S For your Information: Wildbirds & Peacedrums is a Swedish band, and I think I like ’em! Well, from the 30 seconds of preview itunes gives you…purchasing now!


books + art = love

I’m not good at maths but I do believe that this equation is correct.

books + art = love.

how could you not love this amazing book sculpture?

(found via some lovely peeps on twitter such as @PenguinBooksAus and @HelenOBrien, which led me to this weheartit page and eventually I just googled the artist)

Who made this? Mike Stilkey. Check out his website for more amazing book art. I especially heart Elephant Relaxing. Lovely stuff.

Don’t keep calm and carry on

Don’t keep calm and carry on., originally uploaded by moleitau.

I have loved the “Keep Calm and Carry On’ mantra/poster for years. It was my motto when I first moved to full time work after finishing uni, helping me to stay calm whilst adapting to the crazy world of office politics and demands.

I think this message is more me these days. I especially need to remember the second part – make things.

I’m going to make something this week. Not sure what yet. What are you going to make?

what’s your style?

So I did this IKEA quiz online because I love to procrastinate at work spending precious moments on a quiz. And whilst I love IKEA, I also hate it. The never ending maze layout, the great in theory products produced so cheaply they frustrate you… in any case, I admire their designs.

I’m 40 % Modern, 40 % Scando and 20% Country. Ashamed about the country part. Don’t tell anyone.

Take the quiz here.

Screen printing first attempt!

Well here is my first attempt at textile printing. There is Frida Kahlo, who has turned out like a stencil image, and then the poppies, which I am told look like hamburgers. Maybe embroidering the stems on helps them look more like flowers?

I’ve got some more teatowels/artsterpieces to work on so I will share more when things are underway. I am currently wearing a red hoodie with Dolly Parton screen printed on it as we speak, I think I am addicted to the smell of the dye…

diy do it!

I am loving this bowl making project I spotted on design*sponge. I wonder if you could paint them fun colours too… Might have to dig up some old doilies and give this one a whirl!

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