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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

I thought I’d share some of the shots I took on my recent holiday to Europe. These ones are from the Natural History Museum in London.

I am fascinated by Natural History museums. Have you ever been to one?

I love animals but am kinda afraid of the wild. Lame, I know. There’s a morbid attraction to the power of man over nature in these museums, and at the same time I am overwhelmed with sadness that these beautiful animals were hunted and shot for no good reason. But on the flip side, now that most of the animals are extinct, it’s the only chance you’ll get to see one. Vicious cycle! I might note here that there was a sign at this museum saying they did not support the hunting of animals for fur.

I also like to imagine that I am Holden Caulfield in New York City, seeking solace in a world that never changes, then realising that it does change, and that you have to adapt. (I do love J.D Salinger. People might hate A Catcher in the Rye, or Holden for being so self centered but I can relate. I was a terribly angst ridden teen!)

I have a rather active imagination. I often imagine that I’m in a movie. Or wonder what my ‘character’ would do if this were a movie. Or wish that time would skip forward to speed up the narrative. At the museum, I like to imagine that all of a sudden all the animals could come alive again, like in ‘Jumanji’ or something. How terrifying! How exciting! (It would NOT be like ‘Night at The Museum’ though okay? Ben Stiller really let us down with that pathetic excuse for a movie.)


makin’ wishes

That’s my brother’s girlfriend. She’s pretty awesome. I sure do wish she didn’t (or I didn’t) live on the other side of the world.

I’m not sure what’s she wishing for, whilst blowing on that dandelion, but I know what I am!

What are you wishing for today internets?

And this – this song reminds me of my brother. I think he (and you!) might like it.


I’m a bit down this morning because I went to pick up a print from the photo shop that had been ordered on my Etsy store. At first glance all looked fine. Then when I had a better look in the car, I noticed an odd mark on the print that wasn’t there last time I had it developed.

I went back to ask them what it was, in not so many words it turns out the developer has gotten some chemicals on my negative.

sigh. I won’t pretend I didn’t cry a little. Not only it is one of the most popular prints in my store, I never got a chance to make one for myself. That, and how do I explain this problem to the lovely customer that just ordered the print? Give her a refund I guess and send her the print with the mark? It’s small, but I am sure some eagle eyed people would notice it.

Now I’ve let her down and that’s bad for business.

The photo shop has said they will try to clean the negative and print it again but I am not holding my breath for a good result.

I can always take the photo again, but it may never be the same.

* Update – just rung the photo shop. They have fixed up the print digitally. At least the customer will get what she ordered then. Now I just have to take another equally lovely shot. With my broken holga!

etsy treasury

Wow, I’m tots excited because one of my works finally made it into an Etsy treasury! This is a first for me and it feels amazing to think that people are not only looking at my works, they’re also liking what they see. I never really thought that would happen, it’s been such a…..slow journey for me. But I am content meandering along the Etsy road, stopping to smell the roses as I wind my way to the top of the mountain. Well, I might make it there!

Check out the treasury here. Maybe I’ll make it to the front page yet!

It’s funny what pieces draw people. I’m always surprised to see which of my works are most popular, both on Etsy and Flickr. It’s usually not the ones I think people will like. That doesn’t say much about my photographic eye, does it?! So much for that Art Theory degree. I actually recently sold this print as well. Don’t you think it’s a little morbid?

Such a lovely angel though. Reminds me of Romeo & Juliet (the Baz Luhrman film), Nana Mac, and of family walks along the cliffs from Bondi to Bronte. Happy things. I wonder what it reminds other people of.


Here’s another fuzzy shot from the weekend adventures. I have a thing for ivy these days. I stare lovingly at walls and houses covered in green bouncy leaves. All the pretty shades of green (not mouldy green though) make my heart sing.

I discovered this wall whilst walking with Dad and the dogs. I made Tom drive back there on several occasions to see if the light was good enough for a shot. Being on the south side, I was told early morning or late afternoon, neither of which times seemed to fit into our *ahem* busy weekend schedule. So I got impatient and just took a stab in the dark, as it were.

What luck that there was a flashmob of beautiful butterflies there as we drove up!

Well, actually I found these Japanese beauties on a lovely French girls blog and printed them off her flickr page. These butterflies are like citizens of the world now.

hey there!

I got my film developed. Pretty disappointed really. Lots of them were just completely blurry. I do kind of remember taking them and thinking, did I move then when I hit the shutter? oh well. I also *forgot* that the viewfinder on the holga is not attached to the lens, so lining up a shot through the viewfinder will not result in water spurting out of my elephants trunk like I wanted it too…

maybe i am losing my holga mojo. I feel like each film just keeps getting worse and worse. My beginners luck is wearing off or something. I want to feel the magic again.

I don’t think this is good enough to put in my etsy store.
I’ll keep trying. I guess. ho hum.

Lessons in being concise and stuff…

This is WAY harder than it looks. One word?! JUST ONE?! Impossible!

Where is your mobile phone? handbag

Where is your significant other? work
Your hair colour? cola
Your mother? loving
Your father? moustachioed
Your favourite thing? tomas
Your dream last night? slurred
Your dream goal? recognition
The room you’re in? office
Your hobby? photography
Your fear? pain
Where do you want to be in 6 years? alive
Where were you last night? out
What you’re not? genius
One of your wish-list items? maid
Where you grew up? bluemountains
The last thing you did? work
What are you wearing? black
Your TV? on
Your pets? demanding
Your computer? slow
Your mood? sleeeeepy
Missing someone? always
Your car? dirty
Something you’re not wearing? socks
Favourite shop? etsy
Your summer? HOT
Love someone? relentlessly
Your favourite colour? red
When is the last time you laughed? yesterday
When is the last time you cried? monday

Hot in the city!

It’s getting real hot and humid outside these days. Reaaaaaaaal humid. The kind of humid where you take a shower and can’t get dry afterwards. That really bothers me. I try to cool down with a refreshing glass of cold water and by remembering the icy wind of Wentworth Falls that whipped past me as I took this shot.

Plus, flowering trees always fill me with such calm, hope and happiness. Combining the awesomeness of trees with the beauty of blossoms. Brilliant really.

I’m feeling better already.

Sculpture by the Sea – Bondi 2008

Hands down this is my favourite annual exhibition. As if the cliffs along the Eastern Suburbs from Bondi to Bronte weren’t dazzling enough, these sculptures just make the whole walk even more exciting.

As does the look on little kids faces as they see each new sculpture. Kids interacting with art is so much more honest and refreshing than tired old adult eyes.

If I learnt anything from my Art Theory degree (and I don’t know how much of it I retained anyway, in between all those beers) it would be that whilst a whole lot of studying can teach you a lot about art, not a great deal of people ever bother to learn in the first place. Not in Australia anyway. So you could argue that a lot of people don’t have the ‘skills’ necessary to ‘read’ an artwork, to understand what the work is about. But kids just dont seem to need those skills. The amount of times I’ve heard the following – “My 3 year old son could paint better than that” and “I don’t know much about art but I know what I like” is depressing. Adults are so boring. So closed off. It’s sad.

I guess that’s why public art programs are so important. Hopefully people will be more open to all forms of art simply through osmosis?!

See the rest of my holga shots at
Or check out the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Bondi yourself – on until Sunday 2nd November!

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