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keep your chin up

Hi there! It’s been three whole weeks! I would have blogged sooner but I was busy burying my head in the sand. Sorry about that. I have some rather enormous life changing news to announce but I have to wait just a little bit longer before sharing….rude I know. Please be patient with me! While I shake the sand out of my hair and wipe my eyes here is a happy inspirational image I’ve been using to keep me going.

Have you ever tried to make a paper cut before? I do have some time on my hands…perhaps I should give one a go eh?! Nothing like blind enthusiasm is there?!

Don’t keep calm and carry on

Don’t keep calm and carry on., originally uploaded by moleitau.

I have loved the “Keep Calm and Carry On’ mantra/poster for years. It was my motto when I first moved to full time work after finishing uni, helping me to stay calm whilst adapting to the crazy world of office politics and demands.

I think this message is more me these days. I especially need to remember the second part – make things.

I’m going to make something this week. Not sure what yet. What are you going to make?


This guy, Craig Damrauer, is damn funny. And clever too.

It’s true, I could, but I didn’t. Check out his amazing website, you could click on for hours.

Spotted on Design for Mankind, thanks Erin!


Loving this website – The Photographic Dictionary.
Stunning shots accompany dictionary descriptions for all sorts of words.


what’s your style?

So I did this IKEA quiz online because I love to procrastinate at work spending precious moments on a quiz. And whilst I love IKEA, I also hate it. The never ending maze layout, the great in theory products produced so cheaply they frustrate you… in any case, I admire their designs.

I’m 40 % Modern, 40 % Scando and 20% Country. Ashamed about the country part. Don’t tell anyone.

Take the quiz here.

It’s good to remember


spotted at stencil revolution

diy do it!

I am loving this bowl making project I spotted on design*sponge. I wonder if you could paint them fun colours too… Might have to dig up some old doilies and give this one a whirl!

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