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Harvest 09

Forgive me Blogfather for I have sinned. It’s been more than a week since my last post.

I have been slack indeed. It’s just that I came back to the city to find the company I work for has made another round of drastic redundancies (including my entire team) and I have been struggling to pick up the pieces since returning to work. Even though I was not one of the unlucky ones to suddenly lose their jobs it’s still taken a rather large chunk out of my energy and confidence and I just want to crawl into bed and stay there for a very long time.

And so I have put off posting these photos from the farm because that would mean that harvest is well and truly over for the year and I have to go back to my desk and computer. sigh.

Harvest was, as it always is, glorious. I really love being a part of my family and think it’s so wonderful and amazing how people just come and help out, all for free, just cause they love my parents so much.

I wish I had a green thumb and knew more about growing things. I guess if i listened more to my parents I might learn.

Here are some pics from the Harvest. There’s more on my flickr page if you are interested.

The ‘driveway’ up to the house. What a lovely sight to behold after a very long drive…

The sunsets were amazingly stunning each night. A lovely way to end a hard days work. Who needs tv when you have the sky? (Nature’s tele?!)

That’s me upfront. Handpicking the olives was tough this year due to water stress. The poor little things held on for dear life.

Axel the Beagle and Cleo the Old English Sheepdog were some of our official four legged Grove guards!

The spiders webs were amazing that morning, all the dew made them look with pretty beaded necklaces.
My love resting after a lot of hard work! Mum and Dad would be lost without him. (so would I!)

I’ll work on a post showing you exactly how your olive oil is made and get it up soon.

Oh, I also made some tasty baked beans for harvest and a really lovely rose lemonade so I will post recipes soon too!


tree change

I am very pleased to announce that for one whole week and I am fleeing this town and heading to the country for some serious fresh air.

It’s not a sea change, as I already live by the ocean, but more of a tree change. I’ll be swapping Moreton Bay Figs and telegraph poles for Olive trees, Cypress Pines and Eucalyptus.

It’s harvest time at Eastridge Olive Grove and we have several tonnes of olives to pick and process for delicious olive oil!

It’s a special time of year when close family and friends all stay at my parent’s farm to help out with the harvesting. Tom is already there helping Dad & Mum with the pre-harvest activities and I am driving up tomorrow morning with the Cat.

Hopefully, the drive there will be stressfree, unlike last year when I managed to do this to Dad’s Landrover…
It is a funny story in retrospect but at the time – rather bloody awful actually! Although I wasn’t the one who had to run for several kilometres to get help…Thanks Bean!!

Here are a few shots from last years harvest. I’ll be back in a week to take you through the whole process, from tree to kitchen shelf!

P.S Bean we will miss you so much this year. Go Team Slow!! Now with new improved slowness… Bring some European backpackers for next years harvest will you?

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